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Brazilian Association of Thalidomide Syndrome's Victims - ABPST

The ABPST started in May 1991, when Claudia M. Maximino launched an advertising campaign in the newspaper to ask other victims of Thalidomide to fight for their legal rights as she herself had been doing.

The ABPST was legally established on October 05th, 1992. The Association is held thanks to the exclusive donations of few people who believe in the potential of its by laws liabilities. There is no remuneration for its directors, nor governmental support.

Our intentions, as an entity, are to assure people of their rights and provide basic conditions for them to live as the disabled in the society. We also try to integrate the Thalidomide victims from different places of the country. There is, in many cases, a lack of accessibility for these people and they do not even know about their rights and legal obligations.

The ABPST is in 19 States of the country and has 800 Thalidomide victims registered.

The Association's municipal registration number is 490/2005 - the corporation is called Conselho Municipal de Assistência Social; the state registration number is 4964/97 - the corporation is called Secretaria Estadual do Bem Estar Social; and the national registration number is 28.996.021971/94-18/95 - the corporation is called Conselho Nacional de Assistência Social, and it is considered a model assocoation to be followed, as it is said by the state decree number 9.887 since December 11th, 1997.

We presided over São Paulo State Council for the Matters Related to Disabled People, from 1996 to 1998. After winning the election, thanks to some disabled people manifestations, we were nominated by the governor - Mr. Mario Covas. We participate in CNS - Brazilian Health Council, in the Ministry of Health and we are also present at CORDE - a national organization specialized in integrating disabled into the society, in the Ministry of Justice. Both the ministries are federal organizations which settle the rules for the subjects related to disabled in Brazil. Our participation in those councils is considered highly relevant for the society and we do not have any remuneration from it.

Some of our achievements:

Law enforcement which assures legal rights for Thalidomide victims.

Advertising campaigns:

about accessibility , work and self-medication, which in 1996 got a bronze in an annual event of creation.

The campaign, with the advertising agency Almap, was designed to make people less prejudiced against the disabled It was published in magazines, outdoors and broadcasted on television. It won a prize from the magazine ABOUT, for the best institutional campaign in 2000.

A law-enforcement campaign (law number 8213 for hiring the disabled and other laws).


Book: 'Legal Rights for the Disabled'. It is summary of Federal, State and Municipal laws. There is a chapter which tells the history of Thalidomide from the association's point of view - (Partnership with IBAP - Brazilian Institute of Law and State Public Ministry).

Manual of Laws and Manual about Quality regarding to prostheses - lower limbs (Support - CORDE).

Publication of an Educational Comic Book in 2006, which shows different situations among 'people with disabilities'.

Donations of prostheses, ortheses and wheelchairs. The donations were supported by the association's members and by international partnerships.

Legal procedure - compensation claims for moral and psychological damages for each of the 181 children, in the 2nd generation of Thalidomide's victims.

Partnership with IBAP - Union of Women from São Paulo (Attorneys) and Universities (such as Uniban and Uninove).

Telephone: +55 (11) 5562.4922     E-mail: