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[13.01.2010] law of compensation for moral damages
After two years after the enactment of this law, missing a few victims to receive finish.

[March 2010] International Women's Day
Homage: The City of São Paulo's honor women who excel in their various areas. The Deputy Mayor Mara Gabrili Claudia Marques Maximino chosen for their dedication and many gains in the Brazilian Association of People with Thalidomide Syndrome - ABPST.

[August 2009] Vote PL 1165
You are guided to vote tomorrow, on 08/12 in the Commission on Taxation and Finance of the House of PL 1165, for compensation of moral damage in the first generation of victims of thalidomide.

[August 2009] 1st Generation at the Court
The imprense appeared at the Court to monitor the trial. Access the link and watch the video of the Journal of SBT Channel (SBT), 07/16/09.

[August 2009] Interview on Radio Eldorado
Claudia attended the Radio Eldorado 08/07 to participate in the program barriers presented by Mara Gabrilli. Thalidomide and the staff to fight the ABPST to clarify the population and achieve rights for victims. Stay tuned and hear the interview via the link below

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