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The Legislation that follows, with amended versions, has started as a project which was supported and published by CORDE (2001) - National Organisation for Integration of Disabled People - Ministry of Justice - Secretary of Human Rights. The main point was to aware the population of legal rights for a group of people which has always been disrespected.

The PRIMER was compiled and organised by THALIDOMIDE SYNDROME OF BRAZILIAN VICTIMS ASSOCIATION - ABPST (Claudia Marques Maximino with Sila Maria Kolhy's collaboration).


Prosthesis / Orthesis.

We believe one day our dream will come true and then the victims are going to have the right kind of equipment no matter what their prices are (such as: motorised wheelchairs, artificial titanium limbs, myoelectric arms, hearing aids, pacemakers, adaptations in transport to make it possible for the disabled people, healthy food, etc). Only if these conditions are fulfilled can the world be a fair place.


Be familiar with some entities we believe make the difference in the fight for the civil rights and better life conditions for the disabled people.

Telephone: +55 (11) 5562.4922     E-mail: